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Best Sayings & Messages for Happy Mother’s Day Greeting Cards

Today’s article is all about mother’s day sayings, messages and words for greeting cards. The word “Mother” itself is such an honored word which is full of care, feelings, affection, love and emotions which can’t be describe or express in words. A mother plays various different roles in the life of her children where she is a teacher, supporter, helps to pick us again after we fall, give us the strength to fight with courage in this cruel world, stands besides us even in the darkest period of our time and give us the confidence to stand still. A mother love is the purest love which we can see without any condition. It is said that the mother’s love is the most trusted and strongest relation in this entire world. She loves her family without thinking of any profit or loss, a heart which can forgive everything. So what are the perfect words or messages for mothers day greeting card or what to write on mothers day greeting cards, let us help you to honor and express your gratitude to your dearest mom with this beautiful heart touching sayings and messages for happy mothers day 2017 eve which can be used to write in a  special mother’s day greeting cards. Some emotional words for mother’s day will help to make the bond even stronger.


Happy Mothers Day Sayings & Messages For Greeting Cards

  1. Thank you for always sharing your smiles, your hugs, your words of encouragement and for all the countless times you’ve been there for me. I LOVE YOU, MOM!
  2. I got the best mom in the lottery of life as I grew up. You were always there for me. Thank you mom! Love You! Happy mother’s day!
  3. Dear Mom… I don’t know where to begin; I don’t know what to say. Thank you is a very small word for the sacrifices you make every day. From your warm hugs, to your reassuring smile; everything has made every moment of my life worthwhile. Happy Mother’s day!
  4. Mother you are the biggest gift of God to all the human being. Believe it or not you are the real queen, you protect our child and not mean. Love you a lot mom!
  5. Mama, you are my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then you my mother is that sweet flower of love. Happy Mother’s day!
  6. I believe in love at first sight because I’ve been loving you mom since I open my eyes! Love You Mom! Wish you happy mother’s Day!
  7. Dear mom… you filled mu soul with love and care, but I left your heart glum and bare. You filled my life with all things nice but I filled yours with worries and cries. I am sorry! Happy Mother’s Day!
  8. I can never thank God enough for you dear mother. Who else would love me so unconditionally, bring a smile on my face when I am low and forgive me no matter what I do. Thank you for everything Mon. Happy Mother’s day!
  9. Mom… I wonder how I became so naïve and selfish. I wonder how I gave you pain instead of memories to cherish. I wonder how I could think of nothing but my own anguish. I am sorry for hurting you and becoming your life’s blemish. I Am Sorry…love You! Happy Mother’s day!
  10. Mom, had I listened to you advice, I’d have been at a better place today. Now, I promise to live a life, which drives that regret away. Thanks for putting u with me all these year… Thank You Ma! Happy Mother’s Day!
  11. You are the reason I am. You are the reason I smile. You make me believe, in me. I wish to have you as my mother, every time I rebirth. My soul, my sweet mom, I love you. And with all of my emotions, I wish you a Happy Mother’s day!
  12. Your arms are always open when I needed a hug. Your heart understood when I needed a friend. Your gentle eyes were stern when I needed a lesson. Your strength and love guided me and gave me the wings to help me soar…thank you! Happy Mother’s day!
  13. M~ is the million things you gave me. O~ means only that you’re growing old. T~ is for the tears you shed to save me. H~ is for your heart of purest gold. E~ is for your eyes, with love & light shining. R~ means right, and right you’ll always be. Happy Mother’s Day!
  1. Mom, sweet memories of you keep us going even when the pain of losing you is still so fresh in our hearts. We miss you mom! Happy mother’s day!
  2. It takes someone really brave to be a mother, someone strong to raise a child and someone special to love someone more than herself. Happy mother’s day!

Mothers Day Messages From Daughter

So this was all about happy mother’s day saying & messages for greetings cards. For more updates, stay connected!

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