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{CUTE} {SIMPLE} {EASY} Crafts for Mother’s Day | Preschoolers | Kids

Mothers Day Crafts Ideas for Preschoolers, Kids & Kindergarten

The biggest festival of mother’s day is just around the corner and here we are giving best easy designs and craft ideas for children’s, preschoolers, kids and toddlers to gift to moms and brighten up your mother’s heart on this 14th may. As we know that mothers day is celebrated from a very long time ago and on this day all the women who are mothers, are honored and appreciate for their hard work & dedication. So these cute and stunning craft ideas for mother day are really very easy and simple to make. Today we are going to give some best handmade mothers day craft ideas on how to make easy & simple craft at your home with some cheap and use of waste materials for preschoolers, toddlers & kindergarten kids. Simple and easy to make, beautiful DIY mother’s day craft for kids, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten childrens can be made by following this simple steps. Select your favorite mother’s day craft design idea and send it to your mom and show her how much she is valued, loved and respected.

1: how to make simple heart flowering tree using kid’s hand print for mom.


  1. Cut your kid’s hand print on a brown cardboard. Cut 2 stripes at the both sides and make 2 opposite cuts (A and B) As shown in the pic.
  2. Now fold a rectangle shape colored paper and cut hearts and leaves out of them.
  3. Place the hearts and leaves on the hands using glue.
  4. After you have finished placing all the pieces on the flowering tree, put the 2 cuts into one another to make it stand straight.


2: how to make easy polka dots greeting cards.


  1. Take a piece of paper and write Mom on it as shown in the pic.
  2. Place it on the other piece of colorful paper.
  3. Place a piece of ribbon on it.
  4. Join the ends of the ribbon into a bow. Now put this on a white greeting card.
  5. Write your message inside the card and tadda! It’s ready!

3: how to make cute & easy greeting card for mother.


  1. Take a square shape beautiful color paper as shown below. Place a heart shape paper on it using a glue.
  2. Using a pencil or pen write Mom on it.
  3. Take some small cuttings of ribbon. Put glue on one side of ribbon and place the other side on it as shown in the pic. Place them on the back side of the paper.
  4. Now take a white paper greeting card larger than the size of the paper. Put some glue on the back side of the ribbon and paper. Place the paper on the greeting card.
  5. Put some glue on the on the greeting card and place a beautiful ribbon on it as shown in the pic below and its done!

4: how to make wooden frame photo holder.


  1. Gather all the materials you need to make this handmade wooden frame. You will need a wood letters of mom, metal craft love shape, wood pile, and white paint, metal clip for holding photo, wood glue, screw and driver.
  1. Using white paint, coat the front face of wooden letters. Apply several coats if required.
  2. After the paint is completely dry, apply wood glue on the backside of the letters.
  3. After that apply wood glue on the backside of the love shape metal craft.
  4. Place the wooden letters and love shape metal on the wood. Let it dry for few hours.
  5. Using a screw and driver place the metal clip on the right side of the wooden board.
  6. Place favorite photo of your mom and your into the clip.
  7. Atlas this is how it gonna look.
  8. Gift this to your mother and enjoy!

5: how to make a special heart shape greeting card.


  1. Take a colorful greeting card. Place your hand on the card and mark it with a pencil as shown in the pic below.
  2. After using a pair of scissors, cut out the marking of pencil.
  3. After cutting you will get a heart shape card made out of hands. Now feel free to express your feelings in this beautiful and unique greeting card.

6: how to make cute wooden mother’s day hanging frame.


  1. Things you will need are : wooden letters of MOM, I love you wooden letters, Family photos, mod podge, black color and teal color craft paint for painting, paint brush, paper plate, glue, ribbon, scissors and knife.
  2. Using a paint brush paint the front and sides of the letter MOM with black color.
  3. Paint the front and sides of letter I Love You with teal color.
  4. Cut your favorite pictures of your family. Try to take small and large pictures.
  5. Place all the photos as per you like. Do not put glue on it until you like the arrangement.
  6. After you liked the arrangements of the pictures, using a mid podge adhere the photos to their place. Mod podge the back of the photos then set it in their place and then coat the front face.
  7. This is how it looks like secured and coated.
  8. After the mod podge has dried out, turn all the letter over and using a razor knife cut the portions of the photos that are over hanging.
  9. After cutting the extra portion of photos, apply the second coat of mod podge and also coat the exposed side as shown in the pic below.
  10. After the mod podge had dried, using a craft glue put the letter I love you in its place.
  11. After placing it will somewhat like this.
  12. Using a glue attach a piece of ribbon on the backside and tie the ends into a bow.
  13. This is how it’s going to look.
  14. Send it your mom on mother’s day and hang it in a nice place.

7: how to make a colorful greeting card on mother’s day.


  1. Take a white greeting card as shown in the pic below.
  2. Using different water colors draw your favorite flowers or designs.
  3. After painting beautiful designs your greeting card is ready.

So this was all about Mother’s day craft for preschooler, kindergarten, kids and toddlers. For more interesting mother’s day stuffs, stay connected!

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