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Short Mothers Day Speech in English For Students (Wiki) (2017)


Mother’s day is celebrated on 14th of May and it is observed to pay respect to the entire mother’s of our country. On mother’s day we also pay our heartily respect to our own mothers. Women are usually regarded as the back bone of our whole society where we live. Mothers provide the greatest contribution to the youth to build up their characters and also help them to become successful ideal citizens of our own country.

For each and every children, Mothers Day is an auspicious occasion in which they can pay reverence and gratitude to their moms for putting their selfless effort in shaping up their character, career and also enriching the system of our own country in the process. Each and every mother teaches their kids the basic moral values most carefully & with sincerity and also loves & support them throughout their life. We in or real life owe them more than anyone in this world. Mothers arouse their children’s heart and light it up with good values and help in removing all sorts of ignorance and regret. We have given below the SHORT and LOVE SPEECH FOR MOTHER’S DAY IN ENGLISH FOR CHILDREN. So the speech begins like this.

specch on mothers day
specch on mothers day

Short And Simple Mothers Day Speech 2017 in English

Respected fathers, beloved sisters, loving parents and my dear friends. Before I start today I would like to wish a very happy mother’s day to all the mothers present here.

Dear mothers, you are the sweetest gift that we have ever received from God. Ambrose Bierce once said that “Sweater is a garment worn by child when its mother is feeling cold.” What a true statement! A mother knows exactly what her child wants and when, so she takes care of the child giving up her own needs. There has been many books made, movies created and stories told about mothers but this simple statement probably draws the greatest picture of what a mother truly is.

My mother is an ordinary person, ordinary in every sense of word but behind that ordinary shell there’s fortitude perseverance and a kindness that is anything but ordinary who I am today what I will become tomorrow how my life pans out everything that I think do and be almost all of it comes from my mother. Was I born knowing how to create myself? Feed myself? Judge a situation and make a decision by myself? No! I have learned all these qualities from my mother. The very first firm “no” was when I thought it would be a good idea to start running on the sidewalk. The first watch “your brother”, the first “Good job” all of these have defined who I have become today and whatever I’ve said about my mother is true about all the mothers in the world.

So what is it that truly makes up a great mother? Is it her tenderness? Her selflessness? Or her loving generosity?

Proverbs said that the hand that rocks the cradle will rule the nation and its destiny. I am NOT here to discuss the depth of that proverb instead I would like to ask you a simple question. Who is getting more pleasure out of the rocking of the cradle? Is it the mother or is it the child? To me, it is the mother because it is her heart that rocks the cradle. It is she who sleeps when the baby sleeps. It is she who smiles when the baby smiles and it is she who cries when the baby cries. That is true motherly love! No other love can be substituted for that.

We are honoring our mothers today. Yes, we are celebrating the mothers day today. This day should be more than just recognizing our mother. It should be more than just going out to dinner in honor of the mother. It should be more than just giving cards and flowers to the mothers. We must understand that it is more than just saying Mom, I Love You. Instead we should celebrate every day like today because mothers deserve it. Dear dad’s, the greatest thing you could do for your children is to love their mothers, the rest will be taken care of by the mothers.

Fellow children, I would like to leave you with a quote. God couldn’t reach everywhere so he created mothers. Your mother was born the day you were born, until then she was just a women. So every time you get mad or angry at your mother just remember she is just as old as you.

Let mother Mary; mother of all, plus all mothers to become the ideal mom mother of mercy. Thank you all and a very happy mothers day to all the mothers gathered here. Thank you! Thank you very much!

So this was all SHORT AND LOVE ENGLISH SPEECH FOR MOTHER’S DAY BY STUDENTS, CHILDRENS, AND KIDS. Hope you guys have been benefited from this. For more speech stay connected.

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