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{Sweet} Happy Mothers Day 2018 Cards Wishes Messages For Friends

Happy Mothers Day Wishes Messages For Mother’s Day 2018

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“A man’s work is from sun to sun, but a mother’s work is never done.”

Doubtless, mothers and in fact all the women’s deserves to be celebrated as they have shown us that family are always ahead of themselves. So mother’s day is the perfect time to think and appreciate all her hard work.

For sure, mother’s day is not a day celebrated for our own moms, in fact it is a day for honoring all the gorgeous women’s in our life who has always believe in you and supported you. These vital women’s can include your sweet sister to your inspirational grandma. This day offers us a golden chance to wish a very happy mother’s day to our mother-in-law, who has always helped with her love and care.

At times, a beautiful heart touching and simple message to thank mom is the best way to appreciate. Not every one of us can express their feelings into messages and surely it is very difficult to express our deep feelings inside our heart into pure words filled with love. That’s why we are here to help, as we’ve gathered heartfelt positive mother’s day messages and quotes which inspires everyone.

Mothers day Messages for your Mother

Mothers carried us in her womb for more than 9 moths and sacrifices her own needs and comfort only so that we you can get a better future. The below messages are cute, special and lovely – just like our mom.

  1. “Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs… since the payment is pure love.” – Mildred B. Vermont
  2. Dear mom… without you I don’t know what I’d do but with you I know there is nothing I can’t do. Happy mother’s day!
  3. Without the inspiration, drive, and support that you have given me mom, I might not be the person I am today. Thanks mom for everything.
  4. No one will ever know the strength of my love for you, mom. After all, you’re the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside. Happy mother’s day!
  5. I’m grateful for you every day and thankful for your love. It’s an awesome part of my life and a real blessing from above. Happy mother’s day!
  6. You sacrificed your happiness, just so that I could be happy. It may take a lifetime, but I’ll do everything to repay for what you have done for me. Thanks, mom.

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Mothers Day Messages for Your Grandmother

Grandma is the one who always made us laugh when you were sad, the one hugs you tight that forgets all our worries. Grandma plays a very important role such as our mother. So let us thank her for all her supports, hugs and desserts with this emotional message or a simple quote related to her.

  1. Even though you are a generation older, even though you are my grandma, you are my best friend I could ever have had. Thanks granny.
  2. You are just brilliant, so it is just to say that you are indeed the greatest grandmother in every way. I love you and happy mother’s day!
  3. Happy mother’s day to the best grandma in the world!!!
  4. “A grandmother is like an angel, who takes you under her wing, she prays and watches over you and she’d give you anything.”
  5. Grandma, I love you! I love all the little things that you say and do, the stories you tell, things I never knew! Happy mother’s day!
  6. Grandma…you mean the world to me, and you deserve to know how very special you are, and how I love you so. Happy mother’s day!

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Mothers Day Messages for Your Mother-in-law

Mother-in-law is the second mothers given to us by God. She has given you the piece of heart in the form of her son r daughter, so it’s our responsibility to keep her happy and loved. So wish her very heartily mother’s day and let her know that you love and respect her as the same way you do it for your mom.

  1. “A daughter-in-law cannot be perfect by herself. A beautiful mother-in-law helps her be one”
  2. How blessed we are, how fortunate we’ve been. That you are his mother, and also my friend. Happy mother’s day!
  3. You are more than mother-in-law, you are my Mom. Happy mother’s day!
  4. A mother gives you a life; a mother-in-law gives you her life. Happy mother’s day!
  5. Thank you mom for raising the love of my life so beautifully! Happy mother’s day!
  6. Although it is with the marriage that we are connected, you are not more than just law for me, you are like a second mother. Happy mother’s day!

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Mothers Day Messages for Your Long-Distance Mom

Whether you are away from home and can’t make it on mother’s day, then a simple gesture like sending her a sweet message will make her day. This small thing will remind her that you care for her and think of her even you are away from home. Wishing personally is great but a heartfelt note will bring you even more closely across the miles.

  1. “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller
  2. When two hearts are meant for each other, no distance is too far, no time is too long, and no other love can break them apart. Happy mother’s day mom!
  3. Distance means so little when someone means so much. Happy mother’s day mom!
  4. I’m not sure which is worse mom… missing you, or the fact that there’s nothing I can do about it. Happy mother’s day!
  5. “Together forever, never apart. Sometimes in distance but never in heart.” Happy mother’s day!
  6. “True love doesn’t mean being inseparable; it means being separated and nothing changes.” Happy mother’s day for your love!

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Mothers Day Messages for the New Mom

Being a new mom might be scary but it is the most beautiful thing one can ever imagine. So let us wish every new mom this mother’s day and encourage them with messages saying her she is doing a great job and we all are very proud of you by a quote.

  1. There is nothing half as powerful as the love a mother has for their child. I am sure you feel that right now. It never goes away, and it never stops. Congrats on your first mother’s day
  2. “The human heart was not designed to beat outside the human body and yet, each child represented just that – a parent’s heart bared, beating forever outside its cheat.” Debra Ginsberg
  3. Once upon a time a child was born. They forever changed the lives of his/her parents. However, that was just the beginning. The rest is up to you, mom. Congratulations your first mother’s day!
  4. Guess who was born with your child? A new mom…YOU! Here’s wishing that your little miracle fills your heart with joy! Happy first mother’s day!

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Mothers Day Messages for the Mother-to-be

Motherhood and Maternity starts during pregnancy, and mom-to-be has already given a lot of thought and care into her child. From a countless doctor’s visit, staying in bathroom for most of the time, and planning for the future of her baby, she is also eligible for Mother’s Day.

  1. “Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing.” – Ricki Lake
  2. A mother is always the beginning. She is how things begin. Wish you a very happy mother’s day!
  3. Pregnancy will change you as a person to love yourself. you will find newer reasons. Pregnancy will take you through many twists and turns new things about life. You will slowly learn pregnancy will make you realize your own worth felling empowered from within as you prepare to give birth… Happy mother’s day!
  4. Hey mommy to be… take care and relax ‘coz after the li’l one comes you will hardly get time to rest! Happy mother’s day!

Mothers Day Messages for Your Wife

Your wife has done so much for you and your children. It’s really a hard job to balance between being a good wife and being a good mother. So husbands let us wish all the amazing wife expressing that she is doing a tremendous work and we all appreciate their good hard work.

  1. All your life you sacrificed your own happiness for ours. As a mother, you did everything to make things perfect for us. My eyes fill with tears when I remember all that you have done for us. Words are not enough to express how thankful I am. I love you! Happy mother’s day!
  2. “A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value. She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life.” Proverbs 31:10-31 happy mother’s day!
  3. As our biggest and most precious dream comes true. I pray to god bless our baby with health and happiness. Wishing you a wonderful and happy mother’s day!
  4. As a mom, your love is at the center of everything that makes our family happy. As a wife, your love is at the heart of everything that makes my world complete. Happy mother’s day to my wife!

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Mothers Day Messages for Your Sister

Sisters share a sweet relation with her brother and it is hard to find such a bond. It’s so beautiful to watch our sister becoming a mother and she also deserves to be wished on mother’s day.

  1. Now I know why all the trees change in the fall, I know you were on my side even when I was wrong, and I love you for giving me your eyes, staying back and watching me shine, and I din’t know if you knew, so I’m taking this chance to say, that I had the best day with you. Happy mother’s day sister!
  2. Our friendship is so much deeper than people can understand. It started with a true sisterly love and has evolved into a love and respect for each other that’s parallel to none! Thank you for being who you in my life! Happy Mother’s Day!
  3. The very things that have helped you to turn into an awesome mom are the exact same things that have made you the best sister ever! Happy Mother’s Day!
  4. Most things in life are NOT perfect but I am so grateful that I have found perfection in your love and friendship, Sister! Happy Mother’s Day to You!

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Mothers Day Messages for Your Daughter

It brings tears to watch your little daughter becoming a mother of her own little child. It’s a beautiful feeling which can’t be expressed. Good words of appreciation from her father and mother will comfort her and will make her even strong for a better future.

  1. Where did the time go? One day you were my little one and the next day, it seemed, you had your own little one. I’ve loved every minute of having you in my life and wish you that same happiness with your own family. Happy Mother’s Day!
  2. You have given me great happiness just by being a part of my life. I’m grateful for that and am proud of who you have become an amazing mother that is worthy of respect, admiration, and praise. Happy Mother’s Day, Daughter!
  3. A Little Message from Your Mother .I knew from the moment that I saw you that you had the potential to be the best person ever. You have become that wonderful person, that amazing daughter, and that absolutely phenomenal mother. I’m so proud to call you my daughter. Happy Mother’s Day!
  4. From being my beautiful baby girl to becoming a beautiful woman, I’ve watched you, loved you, and admired you more than you’ll ever know. Happy Mother’s Day, Daughter!

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Happy Mothers Day Messages for Friends

Every family has a friend who supports and care for us just like her own family. If you are lucky enough to have to have a family friend who is like your own family member, then do wish her on mother’s day and make her feel like she is mother to you.

  1. You are a gift from God a friend that I can count on and a wonderful model of a mother! I hope that you have a fantastic Mother’s Day!
  2. As a mother and a friend too… you make this world a brighter and happier place! Happy mother’s day to you!
  3. You’re so wonderful! On mother’s day I think of you ~ the unconditional love you give, the sweet and generous things you do. You’ve made a difference in my life; I love you more than I can say. That’s why I give this message to you, to wish you “happy mother’s day!”
  4. Our lives have changed ever since we first became friends… I’m so glad our friendship has grown along with us. Happy mother’s day to a wonderful friend!
  5. We have so much in common we are totally connected through motherhood and friendship! It’s great!! Happy Mother’s Day to You!

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Mothers Day Messages for a Close Family Member

Whether she is your cousin or sister-in-law with who grew up and shared some un-forgetful memory. If she inspires you with her dedication towards work and motivate you with her love towards her family. Then don’t forget to wish happy mother’s day and let them know you think she a perfect mom and she deserves it!

  1. Listening carefully, understanding with patience, supporting through thick and thin, caring heart and always being there are synonymous to the word mother to me. Happy mothers day!
  2. This life would have meaningless without strong woman. Every circle of life witnesses empowerment, existence and strong influence of women whether as a Mother or wife, as sister or daughter. Happy mother’s day!
  3. You’re my source, you’re my power. You’re my love, you’re my flower. You always take care; I hear your heart song. So be happy, my dear, as the day is long! Happy mother’s day!
  4. I love you. No matter what we go through, no matter how much we argue because I know, at the end you’ll always be there for me. Happy mother’s day!

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Mothers day Messages for the Person Who is like a Mother

There are times when our mother isn’t the person who raised us. They are some wonderful nanny or some old woman who sacrificed her time and take care of us and make us the person we are. So that women also deserves a special mother’s day note with a thank you message.

  1. All your love, all your caring ways, all your giving these years are the reasons why my heart thinks of you on Mother’s Day! With a wish for happiness and a world full of love.
  2. I just want you to know how special and fortunate I find myself to be blessed with a woman as loving, caring and wonderful as you. Thanks for being my side! Happy mother’s day!
  3. Be happy, feel significant in this world, and be loved and loving! Let your works be accompanied by success and carried on the wings of dreams! Happy mother’s day to someone special!
  4. You made me what I am when I was nothing. You cried when I cried and smiled when I smiled. You have been a perfect companion for me. Wishing happy mother’s day to the most special person!
  5. No matter from which angle I look at you, you appear to be an angel and mother’s day is perfect to say: I am so lucky to have you in my life. Happy mother’s day!

In this busy life let us take a moment and let our mom know that we love her very much and we appreciate her. Here we have also given images and photos which ca directly be used for instagram. So tag her on your facebook or twitter account and the world know how much you care for your mom and how blessed you are having her in your life.

A mother is a person who puts everyone else ahead of her and has done a lot of sacrifices for her children and family to just make sure they get the best. Her Family & her children’s are most important people in her life and she makes sure that they get all the happiness they deserve.

We can never thank our mother for the things she has done for us but at least we can make her feel that she is loved and cared by their son, daughter, husband, and family on this mother’s day card with a sweetheart touching message.

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  1. Thank You Mom
    I know how often I took you for granted
    when I was growing up.
    I always assumed you’d be there
    when I needed you…
    and you always were.
    But I never really thought about what that meant
    till I got older and began to realize
    how often your time and energy were devoted to me.
    so now, for all the times I didn’t say it before,
    thank you, Mom…I love you so very much!

  2. God’s Blessings TO YOU MY Awesomely WONDERFUL Daughter! Love you FOREVER! ♡♡ ♡ XOXOXO!!!

  3. This touched my heart. I felt tears coming.

  4. ❤️️❤️️A Mother…
    When you’re a child she walks before you,
    To set an example.
    When you’re a teenager she walks behind you
    To be there should you need her.
    When you’re an adult she walks beside you
    So that as two friends you can enjoy life together..❤️️❤️️

  5. No one is perfect! And when you grow up! You learn not to judge your mom! Cause she did the best she could, given what hell she was living!

  6. Happy Mothers Day 2017

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