When is Mothers Day 2022 in USA (United States)

Mother’s Day in the United States (Happy Mother’s Day) will be celebrated on May 08 in 2022. It is commemorated every year on the second Sunday in May. On this special date all mothers are remembered and their important role in society. 

No matter how we pay tribute to our moms, the important thing is to do it. Either with a kiss, a hug, making a poem, a drawing, preparing breakfast or giving a trip to the Caribbean. The important thing is not money or gifts. What really counts is that they know, on this special day, everything they mean to us.

Therefore, they deserve something more than a flower, a perfume or a gift. They deserve that every day we show them how much we love them

When is Mothers Day 2019 in USA

Every day is Mother’s Day

If you want to see how this date is in the 2022 calendar (month of May), you can see it in the upper-right corner of this page. Also keep in mind that the dates of the mother’s day are different for each of the countries.

Origin of Mother’s Day in the United States

In the United States , Mother’s Day has a secular origin, but extremely interesting.  The first day of the mothers was held by Anna Reeves Jarvis, a community activist, who in 1858 organized the days of work for the mothers in West Virginiato improve public health. During the American Civil War, the women she mobilized cared for the wounded on both sides. After the war he organized meetings to persuade men to fraternize with their enemies. 

Ana María Jarvis, daughter of Anna Jarvis, wanted to commemorate her deceased mother and her social work. So he started a campaign to recognize the work of mothers with a mother’s day held annually. In 1907, through letters and political contacts, he urged that the second Sunday of May celebrate Mother’s Day in all of the United States. Politicians and businessmen who had opposed the reforms promoted by women in the previous century welcomed an individualist mothers day that could beexploited as Florist’s Review, the flower industry magazine, said it. 

Five years later, Mother’s Day was celebrated in many of the states of the union, consolidating around 1912. Later, the International Mother’s Day Association was created . An organism created with the purpose of promoting the initiative. It was approved by the United States Congress, as a national holiday, in 1914. Since then, the celebration has spread to more than fifty countries around the world. 

A curious fact is that Anna Jarvis herself, years later, would fight for the elimination of Mother’s Day by understanding that this official commemoration had been tinged with mercantilism.